Migrants from Croatia are stranded on the border between Bosnia and Serbia and are being asked to cross into Serbia to enter Europe.

In the meantime, the International Organization for Migration has announced it will take in up to 30,000 migrants.

Migrants are being relocated in the Croatian town of Kumanovo after their boat capsized on the shores of the Bosnian town of Pecs, according to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

The boat was carrying more than 200 people, including 14 children.

A statement from the Croatian government said that the boat capsised around 5 p.m. on Friday, after it ran out of fuel and capsized.

A rescue team had already been dispatched to the area and was searching for survivors.

The boat, which had a capacity of just 20 people, was reportedly carrying about 15 people when it sank.

The IOM is also planning to send 1,000 volunteers to the Kosovo border to assist in the search and rescue operation.

“The IOHM is now undertaking a humanitarian operation along the Kosovar border to locate the people and provide humanitarian assistance,” said the statement.

Earlier this month, thousands of migrants were intercepted by police at the Kosovan border as they attempted to enter Serbia to seek asylum.

The IOM says that many migrants are fleeing poverty in the Balkans and are fleeing wars and poverty.

Last month, more than 1,500 migrants were rescued in the southern Serbian town of Zagreb, which was a popular transit point for people heading to Europe from Croatia.

They were able to cross the border and head to Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands and the UK.