By James O’Connor, The American Conservatory of Music, Inc. and Andrew F. Cusumano, The Associated Press The American Chemistry Council’s e-commerce program has been the subject of a complaint from a chemical supplier who says the agency’s pricing policies and lack of transparency make it difficult for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

The complaint filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Washington says the chemical company Chemours is charging consumers between $4.99 and $20.99 per product with the opportunity to pay for shipping and handling and then pay a flat fee of $50.

The chemical company says it uses the fee to offset its costs of warehousing chemicals for sale on the chemical market.

The Chemical Society of America did not respond to requests for comment.

Chemours is one of three companies that own the e-marketplace marketplace on which Chemours has been using its ecommerce platform to sell chemicals, including pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

The American Council for Science and Industry, which represents more than 800 chemicals companies, said it’s concerned about the lack of clarity in the American Chemistry Commission’s pricing guidelines and its lack of information about Chemours’ warehousing program.

The ACS said it is investigating the complaint and will “take appropriate actions” if it is found to be a violation of federal law.

It did not say what those actions could be.

The chemical company said it has more than 3,000 chemicals in its warehouse and that it pays a flat $50 fee to Chemours for warehousing products.

Chemours says it is the first chemical company to offer a shipping and storage program on its website.

Chemicals suppliers and others have said the shipping and warehousing costs make it nearly impossible for them to offer their products for sale.

Chemiques’ warehouses are a popular spot for chemicals suppliers, and Chemours said it uses their facilities to store hazardous chemicals that could be used to create chemical weapons.

The chemistry community has said it opposes Chemours warehousing policy, saying it has created a bottleneck in the marketplace.

Chemicals suppliers have also said Chemours offers a competitive product, offering products at prices lower than those offered by others, like the online chemical supplier Bensys.