An inspector general is to probe whether the Trump administration paid for e-mails that may have been compromised by Russian hackers, according to a letter sent to the Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday.

The letter, signed by Acting Inspector General Jeffrey W. DeStefano, says the investigation is ongoing, and he intends to submit the results to Congress.

The inquiry will also look at whether any of the companies that were investigated have acted to ensure that their e-mail accounts have not been compromised.

The IG said the probe is looking into whether there was any wrongdoing by the agencies that investigated e-Commerce and its affiliates, as well as whether there are any problems with the process of conducting the audit, as it relates to the Department of Commerce.

DeStefanos letter noted that his office has previously examined the actions of the Obama administration and concluded that they had been inadequate.

It is not clear whether the letter will make a finding on whether any companies were improperly reimbursed for those costs, DeStefs letter says.

He did not say if the companies are currently in compliance with the audit.