NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. ecommerce revenue grew 5 percent in July to $11.8 billion, marking a record for the industry, according to data released on Tuesday.

Ecommerce sales for the first time topped $1 billion for the second straight month in July, after a decline of 4.7 percent from June, according the National Retail Federation (NRF).

The NRF, which is a trade group representing retailers, reported that sales of apparel, footwear, home goods, electronics, and accessories jumped by 7.6 percent year-over-year to $13.6 billion, with online sales up 11.6% to $2.1 billion.

Retailers added more than 8 million new online customers, with 1.4 million new orders in July.

The group said retail sales grew 7.5 percent in June, after falling 1.9 percent in May.

The July data comes as retailers and the federal government prepare to begin a push to close loopholes in federal tax law that allow businesses to shift profits offshore.

Retailers are pushing to increase their foreign sales and lower their U.A.E. sales tax to help boost profitability in a climate of declining U.N. aid and rising unemployment.

Some retailers are also seeking to reduce tax burdens on sales of clothing, footwear and accessories.

The NRFs figures show that ecommerce has continued to grow despite a slowdown in consumer spending, which has been fueled by weak demand for consumer goods.

The government said in May that e-commerce sales would reach $7.2 billion by 2020.