Big Tech wants you to believe that it’s just about technology, but big corporations are increasingly using their clout to bully the digital economy.

Here are 10 things you should know about Big Tech.


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“Big Tech” is a misnomer.

Big Government is an official name for the U.S. government and its agencies.

Big Business is the official name of Big Tech corporations and their subsidiaries.

Big Technology is the umbrella term for all of the technologies and products that Big Tech companies use.

The term “Big Tech,” as defined by the U,S.

Department of Commerce, is the acronym for the Computer and Communications Industry Council, Inc., which is the executive arm of the U-S-Bureau of the Census.

The U.s.

Department is responsible for overseeing the U -S-Commerce Trade Reputation, the U’s Foreign Investment Review Board, and all other aspects of U-Commerce.


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A big reason Big Tech has succeeded in making the Internet a global playground for corruption is that the U S -Bureau is so thoroughly corrupted by Big Business that the government is unable to protect consumers from Big Business.

Big business, by its nature, is powerful and, thus, it is more than willing to take on any government entity that threatens its bottom line.


The New Big Business Threats By Matt apoodo 4.

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A new class of technology known as “digital forensics” is now being used by Big Tech to steal your personal information, including your bank accounts, credit card information, and social security numbers.

Big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Yahoo use “digital forensic” tools to capture your personal data such as your name, address, phone number, and email address, which can then be used to target you online. 

These “digital” tools can be used for a variety of purposes, from spying on you to tracking your online activities to stealing your credit card numbers, and many other data breaches that could be exploited by malicious hackers.


The Latest in Big Tech’s Big Government Scandals By Matt Appuzzo The Big Tech Companies are using government spying to spy on you.

This is called “data collection.”

The use of data collection by Big Telecom and Big Banks is becoming increasingly common. 

The latest example of this is the ongoing spying on US citizens by the FBI and other federal agencies.

In February, the FBI began surveilling an internet service provider in Florida, where a former member of Congress was in office at the time. 

In May, the US Government illegally hacked into the email accounts of hundreds of US citizens, using them for political purposes.

Big Tech’s surveillance is also being used to spy directly on you and your family, with many Big Tech firms even offering to sell your data to the government.

In August, the Department of Homeland Security announced it was cracking down on “foreign agents” who were “engaging in illegal conduct.”


The Next Big Big Big Tech Scandal is the IRS Scandal by Matt Appazzo is free for personal use. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should be concerned.


The IRS Scandals Are Not Big TechScandals are not Big Tech scams, nor are they a direct attack on the Constitution.

BigTech’s latest scam is the theft of information from your bank account.

The big scam is that Big Business has been using Big Government to spy and steal information about you and yours from your online accounts, including bank accounts.

Big Telecom has been targeting your online activity for the past few years, and the latest IRS scandal, which has been ongoing for years, has only made Big Tech even more brazen. 


Big Internet Corporations Are Using Government Surveillance to Spy On You to Track Your Activity, Personal Information, and Your Email Address by Matt apuzzo The Big Internet corporations are using Big government to spy, steal your information, steal credit card data, and track your online conduct. 

When Big Tech gets its hands on your information and your online behavior, the government can use it to track your location, monitor your communications, and conduct targeted surveillance of you, your family and friends.

The government has a very strong interest in tracking your every move. 


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