I have been a podcaster for more than a decade, and I have never been a fan of the “e commerce” podcast.

I find the idea of podcasting a thing you do for a living to be incredibly alienating and not nearly as engaging as it sounds.

But in 2017, there are some podcasts out there that are just plain good, and they’re so well-made that I can’t help but fall in love.

Here are five of my favorite podcasts, and if you are one of those people, give them a try.


Goodies and Stuff by Adam Gatz and Matt Zwirner podcast: 10.00AM ET The podcast from the New York Times best-selling author and journalist Adam Gatszer and the team behind the hit show The Goodies is a perfect example of what a podcast should be.

The show is full of witty banter, funny and funny, but it also gets to the heart of what it means to be a good listener.

Every episode of the Goodies features guests who share stories, stories that are funny, and the guests who have the best stories.

The hosts, Adam Gatl, Ben Gold, and Sam Gatz, also have a passion for helping others, including people with autism and ADHD, and Gatz has been a long-time supporter of Autism Speaks.

The Goodie podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


The One Show by The Onion podcast: 9.00PM ET In a world of political satire, The Onion has taken the idea a step further.

The Onion, which is a satirical newspaper with a satirical tone, has released a new podcast every week.

The series of new podcasts focuses on stories that have a political and social context, and some of the episodes are actually funny.

Each episode is a different perspective on a different story, and while I found the stories of people in the U.K. to be some of my favorites, The One shows a wider perspective.

The episodes are available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Stitcher Plus.


The Daily Show with Trevor Noah podcast: 8.00ET Trevor Noah’s The Daily Post podcast is a new one-hour show hosted by comedian Trevor Noah.

The podcast, which premiered last summer, is a comedic commentary on current events and political news.

The podcasts topics range from Trump and the economy to Donald Trump Jr.’s new role in the White House.

In each episode, Noah, a writer for the Daily Show, goes over current events in a humorous way.

Noah has also appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report.

The daily show premieres every Friday at 9:30 p.m.

ET on HBO.


The Last Word by Chris Hardwick and Matt Bissonnette podcast: 7.00 ET Hardwick is best known for his comedic writing and hosting the podcast, The Last Think, and Bissonette, who wrote and hosted the podcast and hosted The Last Question, is best-known for her comedy writing.

Hardwick has a long history of working with comedians and has been an integral part of the comedy community for many years.

His comedy writing is often comedic and he has written for HBO, The Tonight Nightly Show, and others.

The last podcast episode, “The Last Word,” features Hardwick as an interviewer and a guest.

The first episode is available now on iTunes and Stitch and is available for streaming on Spotify and Google Play.


The Nerdist podcast: 6.00EET The Nerd podcast is an independent, podcast that focuses on pop culture, nerdy, and geek culture.

Each week, host and host of the podcast Nerdist, Matt Williams, and his crew of writers (along with guests like writer Jody Hill, and producer Josh Wigler) tackle topics from movies, video games, and comics to movies, television shows, and pop culture.

Nerdist was originally founded in 2014 by Williams and his wife, writer and filmmaker Jennifer Leighton.

Nerd airs on iTunes on Thursday nights and is also available on Stitcher and Google Plus.


New Girl by Amy Schumer podcast: 5.00BST Amy Schumer is one of the most popular voices on TV today.

She is the host of Schumercast, which includes a weekly podcast and podcast-only show on HBO, and she is also the host and executive producer of the new Netflix series New Girl.

The New Girl podcast is also now available on Netflix.


Jimmy Kimmel Live with Jimmy Fallon podcast: 4.00EST Jimmy Kimmel is a funny, kind man, who loves to poke fun at himself.

This week, Jimmy Fallon is poking fun at Kimmel Live.

Jimmy and his team have created a podcast called Jimmy Kimmel, which has a wide-ranging conversation with Jimmy about everything from his favorite jokes to his favorite books.

This episode has Jimmy going off on jokes that he