The ecommerce platform for people living abroad is taking a big step forward this year.

The platform, dubbed Nys e Commerce, has announced the launch of a new ecommerce feature for people in other countries, known as Flexible Commerce.

The feature allows people in the U.K., France, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland to pay for a range of products on the platform in cash.

The flexibility is also being offered for ecommerce goods shipped from outside the EU, and for products shipped from other European countries, such as the U, France, Spain and Portugal.

The Nys Commerce platform allows people to make payments using a mobile app and pay for products using PayPal, Credit Karma, Stripe, Zomato, ebay or any other payment platform, as long as the payment is in euros or dollars.

In a press release, the platform explained that Flexible commerce allows for people to pay in euros and for ebay sellers to pay out in dollars.

“Nys eCommerce is one of the first platforms to bring this kind of flexibility to people living in other markets,” said Rob Pardue, the founder and CEO of Nys, which is currently based in London.

“We’re happy to offer people in different countries a way to make their payments online and pay in dollars.”

Nys also announced that it would soon roll out an expansion of Flexiblecommerce that allows people from different countries to pay with PayPal in their own currency.

It’s the latest in a line of ecommerce features the platform is rolling out.

Last month, the Nys platform announced a new service that lets people make payments in euros by purchasing an item and using their mobile device to make the payments, which are then paid in dollars or yen.