Fox ecommerce major Amazon is preparing to open up its U.S. headquarters to an international workforce of 1,000 workers, but the company says it’s not closing its doors in order to focus exclusively on its ecommerce competitor.

Amazon has been one of the most prominent U.K. competitors to Fox eComms efforts in recent years, with the two companies trading about $100 million in 2013.

Amazon says it has more than 1,300 jobs in the U.Y.S., and more than 30 employees are in the region as of December.

Fox has more employees in the country than any other U.k. competitor, and said it has been focused on expanding in the UK since 2015.

It’s a move that’s not likely to go unnoticed in the Amazon ecosystem, where competitors have long been trying to take the ecommerce giant’s business.

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Amazon says that its U,S.

operations will continue to focus only on its own ecommerce offerings, and that it will hire local people to join its staff in other countries.

Fox says it expects to have up to 1,200 U.UK staff at its U headquarters, including 50 in the area.

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