Here’s my first real, long-form piece of writing for Wired, so please take my words and take my advice.

 I’m a bit behind schedule, but I’m excited to announce that I’m starting a new series called Decathlon.

It’s the kind of thing that makes me feel like a hero.

I’ll be posting new content regularly throughout the month of June, and I’m really excited to see how this new series plays out.

If you haven’t checked out Decathlon yet, I highly recommend doing so.

I want to give you a little bit of context here.

In the past, Decathlon has been a way for me to share my experiences with others through writing.

I’ve shared my own stories, and people have been sharing theirs.

That’s really important to me.

I want to be a champion of this community, so I’ll continue to write posts like this for Decathlon and to help other readers find my stories.

There’s a lot of amazing people out there with amazing stories.

I’m super excited to be writing for Decathlons community, and hope you’ll enjoy it.

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