Breitbart News has learned that the former Fox News star and Fox News personality will not attend President Donald Trump’s March 14-16 summit in Arizona, which is slated to feature a number of prominent Trump supporters.

The summit, which was organized by the National Association of Manufacturers and is scheduled to take place in Phoenix on March 14 and 15, was originally scheduled to include the president’s sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr., as well as the president and his family, according to the White House.

The president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was scheduled to be among the speakers at the event.

But, Breitbart News learned, Jones will not participate in the president-elect’s speech and will instead participate in a “free speech” event that will take place at the Phoenix Convention Center, the White Department announced on March 16.

The announcement came hours after Jones tweeted that she would not attend the event as a member of the “free-speech” group that would “not allow anyone to express themselves without repercussions.”

“As a lifelong supporter of President Donald J. Trump, I have no regrets about supporting him for President in 2020 and look forward to attending his speech at the White Houses Mar-a-Lago resort and other events throughout the weekend,” Jones tweeted.

The White House has not yet confirmed the cancellation of Jones’ attendance, but has not issued any further comment on the matter.

Jones has not been shy about her support for Trump during his campaign, calling him “the man of the people” and saying that she had “never been more proud to stand up to him.”

The former “Fox & Friends” host has also been outspoken in her criticism of the President on social media.