A little over a year ago, “Wizard Of Oz” star and “Dancing with the Stars” alum, David Mazouz, revealed that he was in the midst of filming a music video.

He said the song, “In the Dark,” was about his daughter, who he said is suffering from depression.

Now, “Dance with the Star” alum has announced that the song will be a part of the upcoming season of “Dancers With Stars,” a spinoff of “Wizards.”

Mazouy tweeted a video of himself singing the song on Tuesday and added, “This is what a great song is!

I love this!”

Mazoui also shared the video to Instagram, saying that he has been singing along to the song for several months.

“In my humble opinion, ‘In the dark’ is one of my favorite songs from ‘Wizards,’ and the video is my attempt to celebrate my daughter,” Mazouzi said.

The video also includes footage from the season and includes the line, “You’re gonna need to have a big appetite this summer.”

Mazauz said he decided to make a song about his youngest daughter after she told him she was going through a mental health crisis and was having difficulty focusing.

“As a parent, I’m not a doctor, but I know how hard it is to support someone who’s suffering,” he said.

“And that’s exactly what this song is about: a song of love, acceptance, and encouragement.”

He also shared a message to his fans: “The ‘Dance With the Star’ team is doing an incredible job, and we want to thank all of you for coming out to support the family and bring our family closer together.

We love you!

#DanceWithTheStars” Mazouzu is no stranger to the “Dances With Stars” world.

In January 2018, he shared the “Mazouz Family Feud” segment on his Instagram account with the caption, “If there’s anything I can teach you, it’s that there’s no such thing as a ‘family feud.'”

Mazouza and his wife, Nicole Scherzinger, also appear in the season of the “Wedding Crashers,” which premieres on ABC on June 8.

“Das Mitte!” will air on ABC Sundays at 9 p.m.


The “DANCE WITH THE STAR” season premieres July 15.

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