A Toronto-based e-Commerce company is getting its first round of funding, raising about $2 million in the latest round of an earlier round that focused on the U.S. market.

e-Retailer e-Counters Inc. (ECs) announced Thursday it had secured $2,500,000 from U.K. investors Blackrock Capital and Pincus Capital.

It will use the cash to continue expanding its U.k.-based eCommerce business and expanding its marketplaces, said CEO Jason T. Miller.

E-Cers is based in Canada and has more than 4,000 e-tailers.

Telling its story through its e-store, e-tourism and e-shopping services, the company offers online shopping and eCommerce tools that can be used by customers to sell products to other consumers.

Its e-retailer platform allows customers to buy products directly from sellers in their local communities, without having to go through the typical middleman or intermediaries such as stores, warehouses or warehouses.

eCers said it’s now working on a “smaller” e-shop, but is focused on expanding its eCommerce capabilities.

The company will also be working on developing a mobile e-business that will allow customers to shop with their smartphones, the firm said.

The funds raised from the initial round will help the company grow its business, including expanding its platform to include more than 500 million products, it said.

Miller said the funding is an indication of the growing popularity of e-stores, particularly in the U