A new study finds that when it comes to online commerce, “fake sites” have a reputation for being misleading and deceptive.

The study, conducted by research firm Technopak, surveyed 5,000 ecommerce sites and found that of the top 10 brands, only 6% were “online” businesses.

The study found that only 1% of online merchants are “real” and that most sellers are looking for real business opportunities.

The research was conducted on behalf of Technopaks research arm, which analyzes the ecommerce marketplace.

The firm says that “fakes” are a huge problem in online commerce.

According to the research, “more than 50% of merchants on Amazon.com are either fake or in the process of changing their business model.”

The study also found that while consumers often buy from legitimate businesses, many of them do not want to give up their privacy.

According the research report, “the vast majority of consumers don’t want to share their credit card or bank information.

The same goes for their shopping habits.””

Many consumers believe that online stores will sell to them without their permission, even though they have no way of knowing whether they are actually buying from a legitimate seller,” the study said.

“In addition, most sellers don’t require credit card verification to sell.

This is not only a risk to consumers but to sellers, too.”

According to Technopaki, fake sites are generally more difficult to spot because they tend to be designed to make their products look and feel authentic.

Technopaky found that the majority of fake sites have the same design, branding and themes.

The site’s name often changes to mimic a real business.

The fake site may have a similar name, but the name may be the same.

Some of the fake sites may also use similar domain names.

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