Amazon has announced that it has added the US stores of two of its top competitors to its growing online shopping empire.

The online retailer has added to its list of more than 250 million US customers, with the move adding another US outlet to its portfolio. 

In a blog post published on Monday, Amazon said that it now has two US stores with a total of 1.8 million sq ft. has now surpassed and now has 1.4 million sqft.

The Amazon US stores will be open on a “very limited” basis.

Amazon also added the UK to its network of over 1 million stores, adding 10 new stores in London and Birmingham, in addition to four more in the US. 

Amazon also announced that Amazon’s online delivery service Prime Now would now also be available in the UK.

The US has long been Amazon’s biggest market, accounting for over half of the company’s total sales.

But the online retailer’s dominance has been challenged in recent years, as rivals such as Walmart and eBay have been offering similar prices. 

However, Amazon’s US expansion has come with its own challenges. 

The company has been struggling to meet demand for its more expensive and more limited range of e-books, which are increasingly popular with consumers. 

But it has also seen its own bookstores in major cities such as New York and Chicago shrink as shoppers move to online shopping and digital ordering. 

It is also struggling to lure online shoppers into its Prime Now, which offers unlimited free shipping and discounts on most goods. 

“The Amazon.

com store is a prime example of how we have been working with customers to deliver a great experience, one that includes the benefits of Amazon Prime membership, while providing value for our customers,” Amazon said in the blog post.”

Our US stores have been the most popular places to shop in the U.S. for a decade, and we are thrilled to have added them to our growing network of Amazon US online retailers.”

Amazon’s expansion has not come without its problems, though. 

While the US has traditionally been the home of Amazon, it has been expanding in recent decades, with new locations opening in more cities around the country. 

According to Amazon, there were 5.2 million US residents in 2016, making up roughly 6% of the US population. 

 “We’re excited to add more US stores, and look forward to working with the US government and other partners to strengthen the online retail ecosystem in the United States,” Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos said in a statement. 

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