A new Australian dollar will be taken to the lunar surface by 2020, with the prospect of a $US40 million deal inked with US-based ecommerce company Lexikon.

Australia will become the fifth country to sign a deal to buy Lexikons ecommerce platform, following the United States, Canada, China, and Singapore.

The deal with LexikON is being signed at the request of Prime Minister Julie Bishop and is expected to be officially announced by the Australian Government later this month.

A deal has already been signed inked between the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, India and Malaysia.

Bishop’s office said the deal would allow Australia to enter into “multi-billion dollar transactions” with other countries, including the US.

“With our strong relationship with the United Nations, Australia will be able to engage with the most advanced countries in the world to address challenges around the world and support a global agenda,” she said.

This will be the first time Australia has entered into a multi-billion-dollar transaction with LexisNexis, which will also be making the move to the Moon.

Earlier this year, the Federal Government announced a $40 million investment in the ecommerce business of ecommerce giant Lexis N.A. In a statement, Lexikony said the new agreement would be worth $US70 million.

Australian ecommerce tycoon Peter Zilber will be an investor in the deal.

Lexikon said the agreement would see the company enter into a new multi-year agreement with the Australian government for the purchase of a new automated marketplace and marketplace platform.

It said the platform would be launched on December 8, 2020, and would be developed and developed by the eCommerce Alliance.

According to the agreement, the e Commerce Alliance would provide infrastructure, technology and software, in order to facilitate the launch of Lexikonic’s platform.

“Lexikonic has signed an agreement to purchase a platform for Australia and New Zealand that will be launched at the end of the year,” Lexikonal said.

“The agreement will include an investment of $US 70 million in the first year of operation, which is expected in 2020.”

Lexikonia CEO Peter Zilda said the company had been working closely with Australia to ensure it was able to make the launch happen.

“This is an exciting moment for the company, and we look forward to working with Prime Minister Bishop and the Australian Prime Minister’s office to support our new customer base and help accelerate the launch,” he said. 

“Lexis N will be a powerful platform for Australian ecommerce and will create an entirely new type of eCommerce industry in Australia.”

Zilda also said the investment would bring the total investment by the company to $US120 million.

The company said it would launch a range of online services across a range.

 “This platform will provide access to a broad range of Lexis Nexis content, such as books, news, music, movies, videos and apps.

Lexikonia will also provide online access to the Lexis Nexis API, a comprehensive set of APIs to enable businesses to build and manage their own Lexis-branded websites,” the company said.

Ahead of the launch, the company was hosting a contest to find its first customers.

“The prize is a $20,000 Lexikonian credit card, which can be used to fund a Lexikonics online shop,” the competition website said.

Lexikons CEO Peter Poon said the launch was a positive step towards the company’s ambition to grow and expand its market.

“Our new platform will allow us to offer a new way to engage and engage customers with Australian products and services,” he told ABC News.

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