Hacker News user user “jbg3n” has a good tip on how to get free versions of popular ecommerce app like Amazon, Etsy, and Pinterest for the Android, iPhone, and iPad platforms.

jbg also explains how to use the Google Play store on Android and iOS.

If you’re interested in learning more about the different platforms, here’s how to do it: 1.

Install the Google Apps for Android or iOS from the Google app store or the Google webstore.


Install an application on your device, which you can either install through the Android device or install it on the iOS device.

For example, if you have an Android device with an 8.1″ screen, the Google store has an app called Advertizer.

You can install it to add a pop-up ads ad for your products and services.


The Advertiser app will show up in the Google Store.

Click the icon to install it. 4.

Once installed, Advertise on your account using the Google account settings.


The Google Store app will automatically display an Advertize banner on your page.

If Advertizing is not enabled, you can enable Advertization by clicking on the Advertizers banner and selecting the option to enable it. 6.

Once you enable Adverts, the Adverts pop-ups will appear in your browser, and you’ll be able to interact with them using Adverts.


You’ll be prompted to verify that you’re signed in with your Google account.


Once verified, click the “View Details” link in the Advertisements pop-over to see how much money you earned, and then click “Save” to save your account.

Once the Adwords and Advertising functionality is enabled, your account will show an “Estimated Payments” section, and the AdWords button will appear.


Click that button to see what you’ve paid for your AdWords and Adverts transactions.


The page will show a “Total” bar that will show you how much you have left on your Adwords account, and when you are done with your Adverts transaction, the page will close.


You’ve now made your purchases.

In order to save, click “Add to Shopping List” in the bottom right of the Advertisers page.


Click “Close” to close the Advertising section.

If your Advertiser’s page is not showing, you need to go to Settings, then the Ad Manager, then “Settings”.

Click “Add New”, and then select “Google Ad Manager”.


Once it’s added, click on the “Google Store” button in the top left to create an account.


Go to the Ad Deals tab and enter the amount you want to spend.

In this case, we’ve made a purchase of $1, so the total we’ll spend is $1.

Click Save.


When the “Estimate Payments” tab opens, click a button to add an item.

In our case, this is a check box to pay $1 each, so that we’ll have $1 left for our next payment.

Click Done.

The button will close and a message will appear stating that the purchase was successfully added to our shopping list.

You now have $10 in your Ad Deals account, so you can click “Close”, close the app, and your shopping list will be updated with your new purchase.

This tutorial was written by user “frenzo” and first published on August 22, 2018.