A brand-new way to sell online with an app or website is here, according to a team of developers at ecommerce startup Bignami.

Launched by co-founders and former Google employees, the company has built a simple interface that lets developers build websites in a snap, and to do so without a ton of code.

“We wanted to give people a quick and easy way to create a website without spending too much time learning about how to do it, so we built Bigname Commerce,” said Bignames CEO Alex Tarrant.

“We’re very excited to have such a small team working on Bignamed Commerce, and we hope to see it reach as many people as possible.”

Bigname has already launched a website that helps buyers of certain kinds of goods, including apparel, furniture, and accessories.

But the company wants to expand into the retail space, offering sellers a new way of selling with an App Store app or Website.

Bignames customers can buy goods directly from the website, or they can pay for the goods in bitcoin, and then add the bitcoins to a payment gateway to receive a receipt, which can then be delivered to a customer.

It can also be used to pay for shipping and handling.

Bendsom, an app that lets users set a price and receive a coupon code for any product, can also work.

Tarrance hopes to work with Amazon Prime and other retailers to allow Bignamites customers to pay in Bitcoin.

“Bignam are using Bitcoin to pay directly to their suppliers, so they can be reimbursed in Bitcoin,” Tarrants co-founder, Adam Darrag, told Engadgets.

“This is one of the most interesting applications I’ve seen to date for the bitcoin blockchain.

It could be that Bignams core business model will be the same as Amazon Prime’s or PayPal, but that’s a really big stretch.”

There are currently two bitcoin wallets for Bignaming: one that uses the bitcoin payment protocol, and another that is hosted on the company’s own servers.

Users can use either wallet to pay with bitcoin.

The Bignamer website allows customers to set a maximum amount of bitcoin they want to spend on a purchase, and can be accessed from the app, or from a website.

Tarrant says the company is currently working on a website and app for iOS, Android, and web.

Bignamel also plans to release its own web interface that will allow people to purchase with an iPad or Android device.

“It’ll probably be more of a mobile-first version,” he said.

“The website will be really simple, but it’ll have an App store app interface as well.

It’ll be really easy to set up.”

Tarrance expects the site to be ready by the end of the year, and plans to integrate it with a marketplace, like BitPay or Coinbase, that lets people buy goods using their bitcoins.

For example, if a buyer wants to buy a certain amount of clothing, he or she can go to Bignamen website and pay for a pair of jeans in bitcoin.

Bounties, which allow merchants to accept Bitcoin payments, could become a useful option in the future.

Terrance said Bixom, the bitcoin-based exchange, will be “the backbone of Bignammed commerce.”

“We think we’re going to see more merchants using BignAM, including big retailers like Wal-Mart and Nordstrom,” he told Engaggets.

“And we hope other big retailers will come in and do the same thing.”