Walmart stores are a great place to buy goods, but a recent audit of thousands of its stores found that customers were ordering online.

In some cases, customers were not getting the products they paid for, but instead were getting products that Walmart had no obligation to deliver.

And customers weren’t getting what they paid, either.

A group of Walmarts customers filed a complaint with the state of Oregon, saying they weren’t told the store had an audit.

The Oregon Retail Merchants Association says it is investigating and will “investigate further.”

Some Walmains shoppers who were ordered online in 2016 said they thought the audit was over.

“I was thinking, ‘I’ll never get what I paid for,'” said Brittany Mather, who purchased a bag of chips at Walmart in Portland, Oregon, last month.

“You never know what’s going to be on your end, but it’s not going to come in a box.”

Walmart spokeswoman Laura Kost said the audit is a result of internal investigations and Walmart has not changed its policies.

But the audit revealed a number of problems at some of Walmart’s stores.

The audits found that many customers were getting less than what they were paying for online.

For example, in some cases customers were being billed for goods they didn’t buy.

The Walmart audit also found that some customers were using the same credit cards to pay for online purchases as they were for in-store purchases.

And in some instances, a customer could be charged more than the cost of the product that was ordered online.

The complaints, which were filed with the Oregon State Auditor’s Office and the Oregon Retail Association, were sent to Walmart’s national headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The audit found that more than half of the stores in the Portland and Los Angeles markets had at least one issue with payment processing.

A Walmart spokesman said the problems had been corrected by the time the stores opened.

The investigation into the audits found a number other problems with the company’s website and its payment processing system.

For instance, customers could get their credit card information blocked because they had recently changed their billing address.

The spokesman also said that if a customer is unable to pay, they can call the company to try to get the money.

“It’s not uncommon for customers to contact us to request an expedited processing, and the company will give them that option,” he said.

“In some cases they can even give them the option to get their money back, but that’s not always the case.”

One of the problems Walmart was not addressing was the lack of proper credit card and debit card information, and customers were receiving incorrect or incorrect amounts from Walmart.

The company said it was working on improving its payment system and the number of stores where credit card numbers were being sent.

It said the audits had also led it to take steps to address the complaints.

“The audits were part of an ongoing review of our payment processing and billing systems,” the company said in a statement.

“We are committed to improving our payment system, as well as our billing process, and will continue to make improvements.”