By Jameson W. JohnsonThis summer, there will be an event that’s sure to draw fashion icons, designers and other stars from around the world: the opening of the International Fashion Week, which runs from June 18-20 in New York City.

For fashion aficionados, this is the perfect time to catch up on the latest trends, fashion trends and fashion trends in general.

With the theme “the fashion bible,” this event is sure to capture the attention of fashion lovers around the globe, especially those who are looking for a refresher course in the latest fashion trends.

The main theme for the International Fashions Week is the “diversity of style” and the importance of “making a statement.”

In the past, there have been several International Fashion Weeks, which have been focused on highlighting some of the hottest trends and features from the fashion world, like the upcoming “Slim Fit” trends, or the “Fashion for Men” events.

The theme for this International Fashion week is the “#diversityofstyle” and is meant to highlight fashion trends that are relevant to today’s society.

Fashioners can also get their hands on a new “Diversity of Style” collection, which is a limited edition collection of limited edition pieces that were designed to highlight different styles.

The collection is expected to be available for purchase at the New York Fashion Week in June, and the collection will be made available at the Fashion Week at the International Expo in Milan, Italy in August.

In addition, there is also an opportunity to wear the collection in New Delhi during the International International Fashion Day, which takes place on August 18, and will be a great opportunity for fashion lovers to discover their favorite pieces and to interact with the designers and stylists.

To help with this event, the International Style Ambassador Program is offering free events throughout the year to promote the importance and diversity of style and the impact of fashion.

For instance, the Fashion Ambassador Program will be launching a series of events around the International Fair in Dubai, from June 17-20, to highlight the importance in diversity and fashion in the world.

The Fashion Ambassador Programs is a program that has helped thousands of designers and fashion aficians around the World to showcase their unique style, and now the event has been launched to promote fashion.

The event is planned to run for three days, and each day, designers are invited to bring a new piece of clothing to the program.

Fashionistas will be able to receive a free pair of shoes to wear for the event, and there will also be a chance to meet with the brand’s designers and representatives, so they can learn more about their work.

There will be over 40 artists participating in the Fashion and Identity Program, including celebrities and fashion icons.

The program will focus on showcasing different aspects of fashion, including fashion trends, clothing, design, and even fashion-inspired food.

There is also a chance for fashionistas to learn more fashion theory, and how fashion can be used to enhance people’s lives.

It will be the second year in a row that the Fashion & Identity Program has been announced for the New Year’s Eve, and it will be followed by a new edition in 2020.

The first edition in 2019, and this year, it will also mark the return of the Fashion Fair, which was held in New Zealand.

The fashion fair will be held in Auckland on December 12-13, 2019, featuring fashion, beauty, and fashion accessories, among other things.

It is anticipated that this year’s event will be bigger and more spectacular, and to coincide with the International Women’s Day, it is planned that the theme will be “celebrating diversity.”

Fashionistas are also invited to wear fashion that is made from sustainable materials, like bamboo, leather, or recycled materials, to show the world how fashion is made.

There are also several other programs for fashion aficans that are also taking place around the city, including the Fashion + Identity Day, Fashion Week on June 19-20 and the Fashion Day at the National Museum of American History on June 23-24.

For more information about the Fashion+Identity Program, visit or call +1.888.542.6262.

For a detailed look at the event and all the events, check out the Fashion&Identity page on the National Geographic website.