In a world of data breaches and hacks, the ransomware threat remains a persistent one, according to a report from cybersecurity firm Trend Micro.

The company has identified more than 2,400 affected sites and over 700,000 compromised accounts as of Monday.

Most of the affected sites have already been shut down and are no longer accessible, the report said.

The ransomware, called WannaCry, is designed to steal information and data.

It’s currently spreading across the world via email attachments.

Its impact has been most intense in China, where it has already forced a number of businesses to shut down.

The most recent reported case is in Shanghai, China.

It’s also been spreading through the world through online messaging apps and social media, where the malicious code is being used to send spam.

It is also affecting mobile phone service providers, which are typically used to provide internet access.

The number of affected sites has been increasing in recent days, the Trend Micro report said, and is growing in scope.

It said the affected site list has grown to over 300.

Some of the sites have a high risk of exposure to ransomware, but the threat is not nearly as severe as in the past.

That includes Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Netflix, Microsoft Exchange, PayPal, Skype, Tumblr, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Apps.

Trend Micro said that while the affected companies were notified by email and the affected users were notified through their social media accounts, the majority of affected users have yet to receive the alerts.

The firm did not provide a list of the companies affected.