The economy of France is one of the world’s most competitive in Europe, but for many the challenges faced by its people have been exacerbated by the recent economic downturn.

A job search can be difficult for some in France.

The unemployment rate stands at 13.6 percent.

The country has long been struggling to find good jobs.

But in recent years, the economy has boomed.

France now ranks fourth in the world in terms of GDP per capita, behind Germany, Japan and the United States.

In recent years there have been waves of layoffs and government spending.

France’s unemployment rate has been stuck at 12.3 percent.

France is among the lowest in Europe and has not seen a significant drop in unemployment since the global financial crisis.

According to the OECD, the unemployment rate in France is below the EU average of 6.6.

But there are still more than half of French people who have jobs, according to the Social Market Foundation, a Paris-based organization that helps people find work.

France is one the top-ranked countries for the job market in Europe.

The median salary is $82,000 in France, according the data from the OECD.

According the OECD data, French citizens make up the second largest group of employees in the European Union, with 28 percent of all employment in the bloc.

The United Kingdom is second with 23 percent of employment, and Italy, which has a large proportion of foreign workers, is third with 17 percent.

The European Union’s average annual salary is around $74,000, according data from Eurostat.

The unemployment rate among workers in France stands at 12 percent, according government figures.