Rome, Italy, Aug. 19, 2020 (UPI) — Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni on Monday launched the Cyber Stakeouts initiative, which will be financed through the Government’s own budget.

Cyber stakeouts are aimed at creating a new system of digital transparency, a new mechanism for regulating and policing information, and a new approach to policing misinformation.

The initiative is a response to the increasing pressure on news websites to identify the sources of content and ensure accuracy, as well as to the increasingly high rate of fake news in the digital sphere, said Gentilona.

Cyberspace is a new arena for cooperation between civil society and media companies and a major opportunity for the country, he said.

“This initiative will create an entirely new digital system of regulation that will protect the rights of individuals and will promote the development of a strong and independent media,” Gentilone said in a statement.

“We believe that this digital environment is also a source of innovation and creativity, in particular, in the sector of the economy.”

The Government is committed to making sure that the right to information and free expression is protected in the new digital environment.

“The Cyber Stakes are aimed in particular at creating digital tools that can be used by news outlets to combat the proliferation of fake stories.

The aim is to provide a mechanism to provide transparency, reduce fake news and encourage news producers to adhere to standards, while also creating new tools for digital media companies to operate in this new environment.

The new initiative, funded by the Government, will be funded through a public contribution.

It will be launched in October 2021.