If you’ve ever bought eCommerce goods online, you probably had a hard time finding an online store.

Xiaomi’s platform, which offers more than a million eCommerce listings and a broad range of products and services, has been a big hit with Chinese consumers.

The company has even become popular with Western consumers, with the US$1.1 billion deal with Xiaomi worth over $100 million.

Now Xiaomi is expanding its eCommerce offering, which is now available to Western customers.

As of this week, Xiaomi has introduced the eCommerce shop with eCommerce marketplace Ebay, which allows customers to buy, sell and even resell goods online.

EBay is a platform where sellers can advertise their products and have a direct relationship with customers. 

According to the website, Ebay is designed to make it easier for customers to find, purchase and sell goods on Ebay.

A quick look at the Ebay site shows that the site offers eCommerce sales as well as shopping services, including shopping carts, eCommerce store, ecommerce marketplace, e-commerce shopping and more.

This is a very powerful addition to Xiaomi’s eCommerce platform, but what is even more important is that it opens the door for other Western retailers to become eCommerce sellers.

Chinese eCommerce is growing rapidly and has become a major market in the US.

With Ebay opening the doors to more Western retailers, China could become an even more appealing market for eCommerce businesses.

For now, it is not clear how many Chinese retailers will join the Ebays new eCommerce offerings.