Google is making it easier to buy your goods and services online.

With the release of the Google Commerce Inspector, you can now use a quick glance at the top navigation bar to find and buy products from your favorite retailers, or get an idea of what’s on sale across the world.

The Google Commerce inspector is available in the Google store for $4.99.

In the new Google store, you’ll find the search bar that includes a “buy” and “sell” icon, as well as the “cart” and the “checkout” buttons.

The new inspector allows you to filter your searches by price and brand.

It also allows you filter your purchases by price, type of product, or location.

Google says the inspector will allow you to: Shop for products at stores near you Search for product images at stores nearby You can also view the most recent sales, sales history, and promotions across the store.

The inspector can be downloaded for free from the Google Store.