How to set up a retail business online

The first thing you need to do when starting a retail online business is set up your website and pay the right prices.This will ensure you’re getting the right price for your products.Here are the top 10 tips for setting up your online store and buying online.1.Choose a website template that you can sell on.The […]

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How to find a better job in France

The economy of France is one of the world’s most competitive in Europe, but for many the challenges faced by its people have been exacerbated by the recent economic downturn.A job search can be difficult for some in France.The unemployment rate stands at 13.6 percent.The country has long been struggling to find good jobs.But in […]

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How to avoid eCommerce scams

If you’ve ever been scammed by eCommerce sellers and have no idea how to get out of it, this article will help you get out before it’s too late.The eCommerce scammer’s business model is the same as the one used by Amazon.They make a product or service for you, then they charge you a fee […]

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How to buy B2C eCommerce for B2B eCommerce sales

Business Insider has learned that eCommerce is a lucrative area of business for many companies that sell eCommerce solutions.With the growing popularity of eCommerce, there’s been a lot of focus on creating products for the eCommerce platform and getting them to a wider audience.However, eCommerce sellers have to be aware of some common pitfalls that […]

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Dell eCommerce Waste: The Case Against Dell

The latest edition of Dell e-commerce waste is an article that was published on Amazon India.This article is one of many on the same topic.Dell e commerce wasted the Amazon customer base.I think this is the most shocking story of this year’s Dell ecommerce waste.In an article titled “Dell eCommerce wastes the Amazon customers”, the […]

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